Euro Data Recovery

 Your hard disk drive is making a worrying noise?
It is not recognized by the computer bios?
  The controller card have been burned by overvoltage?
A partition deasappeared?
A virus damaged your data?

Do not panic! We specialize in data recovery and hard drive repair.

Please follow this procedure.
It may help you save your data.

Why choosing us ?

Free diagnosis in 24H
Class 100 clean room
An emergency recovery service on   any medium
Hard drive repair carried out by   qualified electronics engineers
Competitive prices
Secure premises and confidentiality

A quality service

We can repair any Seagate Maxtor Fujitsu Western Digital IBM Quantum Toshiba Hitachi hard drive to recover data.

We can also repair other media:
Iomega ZIP, CD-R, CD-RW, floppy...