Euro Data Recovery

1 Medium receipt and diagnosis

We acknowledge receipt of your medium as quickly as possible, and allocate you a job number. Your medium is labeled to trace it.

Then, we make a diagnosis to identify the problem.
If we are able to recover your data, we send you an quotation by email or fax.

In case of failure, which is anyway fairly uncommon (we have a growing 90% success rate), we contact you to arrange the return of your medium.

2 The recovery process

Our team make use of everything it has to get the best result as quickly as possible.

In the case of an electronic problem, our electronics engineers clone your data on a CD-ROM or a new hard disk depdending on the volume.

In the case of a mechanical failure, our clean room ensures an otpimal recovery.


As soon as we have recovered your data, we contact you to confirm the recovery.

3 Sending back your medium

Your medium is sent back with the invoice in a appropriate package.
We wait for the confirmation of receipt and payment to erase your data.